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MADEBYUS involves the two of us: Therese Ameln Merner and Oscar Merner.

We have been working together longer than we´ve been married to each other!!

We are artists in our own right but somehow the more we worked on our own projects, the more we got involved in each other’s. We then decided to try and merge our
two ways of expression.

The beginning was hard but the more we learned to trust each other’s artistic contribution, the more interesting and rewarding were the outcomes.  

We have different schoolings in art and creativity. Therese has worked in graphic design and abstract painting. Oscar has worked on illustrations and figurative art. We believe that our differences complete each other in interesting ways.

Our work is experimental and powerful. We do everything from paintings; drawings; installations; and sculptures.

Our work is diverse and can be seen in public areas, restaurants, hotels, law firms, private homes, etc. 

Please visit the web site and explore more.

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